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DAARSTOC is more than a club, but rather a unique process intended to help its members improve their interpersonal skills, develop their presentation skills, and increase their effectiveness as both an interviewer and interviewee. In addition to these techniques, DAARSTOC also provides skills in the areas of stress management, conflict management, and networking. All of the aforementioned is what enables DAARSTOC to be a premier leadership skills organization. DAARSTOC operates in an open group format in which constant feedback and effort are required to augment continuous group and individual learning. In this learning, a “hands-on” approach is utilized. Members learn to develop their skills by practicing their application through active learning vehicles. These methods include performing role-plays, doing mock interviews, practicing public speaking, and participating in everyday group responsibilities. In addition, the competencies learned provide the members with the ability to excel in skill areas that are integral for a high degree of success in the professional arena. Such areas include: group problem solving, the development of political awareness within organizational life, listening skills, and the ability to see and interpret behavior. Additionally, these abilities tend to increase a person’s self-awareness which often leads to an increase in self-confidence.
DAARSTOC is a constantly expanding network consisting of undergraduate members and alumni/friends. All members share the common bond of DAARSTOC which they carry into the professional world.

Because of the skills learned, many members have been able to move more quickly in their careers than other graduates entering the workforce at the same time. The benefit of the network for the undergraduate members is that alumni members return each semester in a seminar session to provide insight about the ever changing professional world. Due to its vast network of alumni, who work in so many different areas of corporate life, DAARSTOC is able to gain fast and accurate first hand knowledge about interview etiquette, resume techniques, labor trends, and even information on job openings. This allows the undergraduate members the opportunity to learn about industry from those already present and successful within the professional realm. It should be emphasized that the overwhelming work done in DAARSTOC is done in experiential learning exercises.

In summary, DAARSTOC is an ideal requires constant effort toward self-improvement. DAARSTOC attempts to enable its members to actualize their individual potential in both their personal and professional lives. There is a continuous refinement of the processes employed. Simply put, both the processes and the network are constantly changing and improving due to the ideal behind them. All of the aforementioned can be summarized in DAARSTOC’s Official Mission Statement. [Our Mission Statement was passed on July 31, 1993]:

To develop and enhance the personal and professional skills and sense of self for students, alumni, and friends through innovative learning methods and personal interaction.

If you would like to learn more about DAARSTOC please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page

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