Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About The Organization:Question: What does DAARSTOC stand for?
Answer: DAARSTOC means Developing Administrative Abilities and Resources through the Synergistic Training of Organizational Competencies.

Question: Who founded DAARSTOC and When?
Answer: Dr. Mark E. Sandberg founded the organization in 1976. We offer a detailed background on Dr. Sandberg under the “Meet the Founder” section of the website. We also have a vast “history” section about the organization on the website. Here you can learn about the trials and tribulations of DAARSTOC.

Question: What exactly is DAARSTOC?
Answer: Simply put, DAARSTOC is an ideal entailing constant effort toward self-improvement. However, DAARSTOC is more than a club, but rather a unique process intended to help its members improve their interpersonal skills, develop their presentation skills, and increase their effectiveness as both an interviewer and interviewee. DAARSTOC operates in an open group format in which constant feedback and effort are required to augment continuous group and individual learning. In this learning, a hands-on approach is utilized. Most importantly, DAARSTOC is a constantly expanding network consisting of undergraduate members and alumni. You can learn much more about DAARSTOC by visiting our “About Us” section.

Questions About Applying:

Question: Who can apply to DAARSTOC?
Answer: The organization is open to all full-time undergraduate students of Rider University. The only limitation on this is you must have completed a semester of course work and you must have two semesters left prior to graduation.

Question: I am a first semester freshman at Rider University, can I apply?
Answer: You may apply, but you must wait until the second semester of your freshman year. This way you have completed a semester worth of course work.

Question: I am a senior at Rider University, can I apply?
Answer: You must have two semesters of course work left at Rider University. In other words, you must be able to participate in DAARSTOC during the Fall and Spring semester. If you are unable participate in both semesters, then you may not apply.

Question: I want to study aboard a semester; may I still apply to DAARSTOC?
Answer: Yes, you are more than welcome to apply. DAARSTOC encourages its members to study aboard and will be more than happy to consider you for membership both before and after your semester abroad.

Question: What are DAARSTOC’s GPA requirements?
Answer: DAARSTOC requires that all its applicants have a 2.0 or higher GPA.

Question: I meet all the above criteria, how can I go about applying?
Answer: You can download an application from our website or obtain an application from any current member of DAARSTOC, our advisor (Dr. Kutcher), or from the CBA Dean’s Office. Once you complete it, you may hand it in to the Dean’s Office located in Sweigart Hall on the second floor across from the elevator. You may also slide your application under Gene Kutcher’s door, which is also located in Sweigart Hall on the second floor, room 240.

Questions About the Interview Process:

Question: How should I dress for the interview process?
Answer: We request that all our applicants come dressed in formal attire. This means jacket and ties for men and similarly appropriate attire for ladies.

Question: What do I need to bring with me for my interview?
Answer: Absolutely nothing, we will provide you with everything that you will need for the session.

Question: How long will the entire interview process take?
Answer: It will take no longer than ninety minutes.

Question: What will the interview process entail?
Answer: The interview process consists of three parts. First, you will be broken into a group of other DAARSTOC applicants in which you will work on a group problem solving exercise. Once you complete this exercise, you will be interviewed by current members of DAARSTOC. In this interview, you will be asked questions about various things, including your application. The final step in the process, involves the applicant speaking in front of a camera about a word. You are given one minute to speak about the word. All applicants are given the same word.

Question: What is expected from me during the interview process?
Answer: We expect you to be punctual and to demonstrate yourself to your full potential. We are not looking for you to put on a show, but rather we would like to see the “real” you in action.

Question: What specific criteria does DAARSTOC evaluate me on?
Answer: There is not set criteria that will get you into DAARSTOC, however we do take into consideration the following:

  • Group Process: Does the applicant contribute to the exercise? If so, how and was it effective?
  • Interview: Is the applicant articulate? Does the applicant reflect poise? Is the applicant confident? Is the applicant engaged in the process?
  • Presentation: Does the applicant demonstrate confidence, imagination, or creativity? Is the applicant poised, focused, and relaxed?

Remember though, the aforementioned are just guidelines of a FEW things that we look for. Other criterion is not as specific, but is more a result of a contingency approach toward selecting candidates.

Question: How many members does DAARSTOC accept?
Answer: There is never a set number that we are looking for. We accept the candidates that we feel are best situated to perform within the group. This means that if we feel there are ten suitable candidates we will take all ten. If we feel there are no suitable candidates we will not accept anyone.

Questions About Rejection:

Question: I just received a letter stating I was not accepted into DAARSTOC, can I apply again?
Answer: Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Many of our most successful alumni were rejected numerous times before being accepted into the group.

Question: How many times can I apply?
Answer: You may apply a total of three times.

Question: What happens if I don’t get in on my third attempt?
Answer: Unfortunately, you will not be able to take part within DAARSTOC nor will you be able to apply again.

Question: I don’t understand why I was not accepted, who can I speak with?
Answer: Please feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gene Kutcher. He can be reached in his office by calling 609-896-5203 or by email at

Question: I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kutcher, what will we discuss?
Answer: Dr. Kutcher will give you feedback about your performance during the interview session. We recommend that you come with paper and pen, as you may want to take notes so that you are able to learn from your experience.

Questions About Weekly Meetings:

Question: How often does DAARSTOC meet?
Answer: We meet once a week on Monday nights from 5:00 PM EST until 6:30 PM EST.

Question: Aside from the Monday night meeting are there any additional DAARSTOC meetings?
Answer: Yes, there are an additional three meetings per semester on top of the weekly Monday meeting. DAARSTOC holds two Saturday sessions per semester and one session in which current members interview perspective candidates. The interview session is usually held on a Saturday afternoon.

Question: Are all the meetings mandatory?
Answer: Yes, all meetings are mandatory and you are expected to attend all meetings.

Question: What is your policy on absences?
Answer: We only allow one absence per semester. If you miss more than one meeting, you risk expulsion from the group.