Meet the Founder


Mark Sandberg

The founder of DAARSTOC is Dr. Mark E. Sandberg, Dean Emeritus, College of Business Administration at Rider University. [Dr. Sandberg prefers that everyone, including students, call him “Mark.”]

He came to Rider in 1970. He has served in the administration a number of times.

Dean of the College of Business Administration, 1995-2002

Associate Dean, and Director of Graduate Programs, CBA, 1987-1995

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs, CBA, 1970-1971

Mark served with the faculty in the Department of Management and Human Resources; he retired in June 2008.

Mark has his Ph.D. from Cornell University (from what has become the Johnson Graduate School of Management), 1971. He graduated with his B.S. and MBA from Drexel Institute of Technology (now Drexel University) in ’65 and ’67, respectively. His undergraduate major was in Marketing and his graduate work was in Organizational Development. He also spent eight weeks at the Inter-University Consortium for Political Research at the University of Michigan.

Some of the companies that Mark has consulted with include General Motors, USSteel, RCA, ARAMARK, Computer Sciences Corp., Temple University Hospital, and the Medical Society of New Jersey.

He has worked for Ford Motor Company (in Dearborn MI), Strawbridge and Clothier and Abbotts Dairies, among others. He has served as an aide to a member of a presidential committee that wrote legislation for Congress.

He has received the following awards: Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching, McCormick Award for Outstanding Advisor (to a club or organization), Elliott Award for Outstanding Administrator, and Advisor Appreciation Award (for his work in advising individual students). Most of his “intellectual activity” (research) has occurred since he returned to the faculty but does not seem particularly relevant to this venue.

Professionally, he has served in a number of capacities:

-served on eight visitation teams for AACSB International (the worldwide accreditation association for colleges of business). These teams determine accreditation or continuation of accreditation for the colleges visited, on two of these he served as the chair of the team.

-served as President of MAACBA (Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration.). This group is largely an association of deans and associate and assistant deans. Note, he also served for a number of years on its Executive Committee.

-served for three years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Academy of Management (a faculty association for the northeastern United States for people who teach in the field of management and related fields).

-co-founded the MBA Directors’ Forum which serves the Middle Atlantic states.

-has been an external reviewer (schools of business, may request people to review their departments) of programs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.