Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To develop and enhance the personal and professional skills and sense of self for students, alumni, and friends through innovative learning methods and personal interaction

Our Values

DAARSTOC is an organization that strives to uphold and values the following:
Commitment: Members are expected to be fully committed to DAARSTOC, to learning, and to each other.
Honesty and Integrity: Members are expected to act with integrity. The lessons learned in DAARSTOC should be used as a force for good. The purpose of teaching these skills is to help people function more harmoniously as an individual, within organizations, and in the world.
Professionalism: Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
Innovation and Initiative: Members are expected to be self-starters that can develop new ways of accomplishing tasks.
Mutual Respect: Members are expected to take a constructive view of themselves and others as they go through life. We could all use some help and feedback from others.
Positive Outlook: Members are expected to take a constructive view on all situations. Most problems have a solution — they key is to find it.